Considering Your Options. Searching for a retirement community can be overwhelming. Finding the answers to these questions should help you while you're Considering Your Options.

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  • Is the community close enough to family and friends?
  • Are entertainment, dining and cultural venues close?
  • Is there a hospital nearby?


  • Who owns and manages the community?
  • How long has the community been in business?
  • What sort of reputation does the community have?
  • Is the community in good financial health?
  • Do residents have a say in community management through a resident council?

Campus Amenities

  • Are there accessible areas for walking?
  • Are there recreational areas, courtyards or outdoor dining areas?
  • Are there meeting rooms and/or auditoriums for resident gatherings?
  • Are there exercise/fitness facilities?
  • Are there areas devoted to art, crafts, or other hobbies that are important to you?
  • Are there areas for residents to garden?

Programs and Activities

  • Does the community offer a good variety of programs and activities?
  • Are there off-campus programs and activities?
  • What types of outdoor programs and activities are available?
  • Are worship services and Bible studies offered?
  • Do the programs and activities offered match your interests?


  • Does the dining program provide an acceptable level of menu choice and variety?
  • Are there healthy options available at each meal?
  • Are the dining schedules compatible with your personal preferences?


  • How much is the monthly service fee?
  • What services are provided with the standard monthly service fee?
  • How often will housekeeping be provided?
  • What services does maintenance provide?
  • Does the community provide scheduled transportation?

Health and Wellness

  • What healthcare services are available on campus?
  • Are residential care services available within the community?
  • Does the community offer wellness and fitness programs?

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The best part of living here is that feeling of just coming home, being with family.