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Susan Cooper

A Message from the President & CEO

My heart goes out to all who have been affected by this worldwide pandemic. During times of crisis, we often come together in ways we've never come together before. We set aside insignificant things and shift our focus to what really matters most in life...the people we love and care about. As I reflect on the past months since things began to unfold with the coronavirus (COVID-19), I am humbled by and grateful for the work of our local emergency responders, hospital professionals, and other workers who are making it possible for people to get health care services, food, supplies and medications. These "Community Heroes" lend courage, strength and sacrifice through their service to others.

Being in the retirement living business, we at Morningstar Living have a monumental responsibility to take care of and protect the people we serve..."in health and in sickness." Caring for and protecting the residents and the clients we serve is what we do. We are responsible for hundreds of residents living at our two campuses in Nazareth, and the clients we provide in-home support and care to, who are living in their homes throughout the Lehigh Valley. Our residents and our clients rely on us 24/7/365. For this reason, we've taken some very extraordinary measures to limit the risk of infection and prevent the spread of the virus in our communities:

As I think about these extraordinary changes that we've made in a short period of time, I am in awe of my team members, who come to work faithfully and work tirelessly around the clock to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. Our team of Nurses, CNAs, Caregivers, Social Services, Wellness, Physical Therapy, Neighborhood and Community Life, Culinary Services, Maintenance and Security, Groundskeeping, Housekeeping, Transportation, IT and Administration...these are the Morningstar Living Heroes.

Yes, the world has certainly changed as a result of COVID-19, and so have we at Morningstar Living. Who knows how long we'll be dealing with this pandemic and its' aftermath? And while there may be more changes and uncertainty in the months that lie ahead, there is one thing of which I am absolutely certain...the mission and core purpose of Morningstar Living has never been more important.

"Making a enriching life's journey for all we serve."

Charitable Funds. Moravian Hall Square is proud to have several Charitable Funds that assist our residents, enhance our facility, and help our staff members grow.

Home Giving is a Community Tradition Charitable Funds

Good Samaritan Fund – a benevolent fund that provides sustaining support to community residents and clients who have exhausted the means to pay in full for their care.  This is a priority need that includes people residing in all levels of neighborhoods and some home-based client services.  Over the years, funds from bequests, planned gifts and some special events have been invested so that income can help support this critical need.  At the heart of Morningstar Living’s mission is to provide care for life for those we serve.  Help from this fund to residents and clients provides peace of mind and reassurance that our commitment to our mission is sincere.

General Endowment – a long-term investment fund where income may be used to support capital projects, facility improvements or other funding as directed by the Board of Directors for the Morningstar Living Foundation.  Funds are stewarded and distributions are considered on an annual basis.

Staff Advancement Fund – Used annually to support a variety of educational and enhancement opportunities for employees of Moravian Hall Square and Morningstar Living.  Expanded funding benefits qualified employees through allocations of scholarships, grants, service recognition and training opportunities.  A committee of residents and staff oversees scholarship requests from full and part time employees.

Wellness Trust – Department leaders may request funding support for specialized programs, training, enrichment or equipment needs based on grant narrative and anticipated outcomes.  Intent is to encourage staff to proactively impact the quality of life for residents, family, volunteers and staff and to be a resource for senior care issues in the greater region.

Capital Fund Appeals and Wish List –  From time to time, there are special fundraising campaigns for campus enhancements, capital projects and special equipment needs.  Funds are solicited in a structured time period and held in a restricted fund account until the goal is reached and the funds can be released for its designated purpose.  A campaign to build a new game room, library and rooftop patio on the Moravian Hall Square campus is the most recent example of a large-scale capital campaign. 

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