Current Appeals. If you would like to make a gift to Moravian Hall Square, please consider giving to one of our Current Appeals.

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At the heart of our community is CHARITY.  Contributions from residents, families and friends of Moravian Hall Square enrich the lives of all those within.  Listed below are some highlighted campaigns to address the needs within our community.


Harvest of Friends 2017

Make your plans for the fabulous annual Harvest of Friends dinner and auction on the campus of Moravian Hall Square. 

Details for attendance and sponsorship are available by clicking on the invitation graphic to the left.  This event supports our Good Samaritan Fund for benevolent care of residents.

For silent auction donations, please email

Honoring our Parents in 2017

As we celebrate the important roles of mothers, fathers and family at this time of year, we invite you to help nurture the tree of life at Morningstar Living.  You can support our efforts by making a gift that allows our Morningstar Living tree to expand ever wider and stronger.  Learn more about giving opportunities in honor of your parents or loved one here.


“Parents are the roots that nourish your ability to grow.”

Harvest of Friends  2016

Homecoming Celebration Success!

This year our annual dinner gala exceeded expectations – guests enjoyed the playful atmosphere of tailgating during the reception cocktail hour.  College fight songs, Nazareth High cheerleaders, a stadium photo booth, auction gifts and delicious food and drink made the cocktail hour fly by.

Our spirits were high throughout the evening as all enjoyed good company, good food and supported a good cause.  Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, donors, guests and auction bidders, the event netted more than $30,000 for the Good Samaritan Fund!


Grandpas hand BW

Your hands can make a difference.

There are so many different ways your hands can convey warmth and caring– exactly the feelings that the Good Samaritan Fund embodies. It is a tangible way to extend the warmth of your hand to older adults who need to feel safe and comforted.

The Good Samaritan Fund provides benevolent support to those in residence or long-term care within the Morningstar Senior Living family. Older adults who have exhausted their personal ability to pay in full for their care need to feel the warm extension of your hand – will you offer it to them?

Please consider a gift to the Good Samaritan fund as a part of your giving tradition at this time of year. Thank you!

You can make your gift conveniently through our secure online web page:

Online Shopping Benefits the Good Samaritan Annual Fund

igive_button By clicking on the iGive icon and registering as a supporter of Morningstar Senior Living, you can benefit from secure on-line shopping at more than 600 stores in the iGive shopping mall!  It’s convenient, safe and another way to provide charitable support!  Try it – you’ll be glad you did!

Please feel free to contact Mollie Santee directly for more information on giving options at 610-746-1000 or

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