Life Care Plan. The Life Care Plan at Moravian Hall Square gives Independent Living and Morningstar Hall Personal Care residents peace of mind knowing what the future holds financially.

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Virtual-TourMoravian Hall Square is a Continuing Care Retirement Community and much, much more…it is a Life Care Community.  What is the difference?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers a full continuum of care “under one roof. “  Residences for independent living, personal care, and skilled nursing are available on one campus.  Residents never have to move again, even as their health care needs change over time, because all of the health care accommodations they need are available on site.

A Life Care Community offers the full continuum of health care accommodations that a CCRC does, but it also offers a lifelong insurance component as part of the residency contract.  Moravian Hall Square’s Life Care Contract provides residents with prepaid health care accommodations from independent living through skilled nursing care.  Life Care Contracts are available for independent living and personal care residents.  A Life Care Contract means:

  • Access to the full continuum of health care services and accommodations at the community is unlimited for residents who have Life Care Contracts.  Residents have priority access to the accommodations they need at every level of care.  Seniors who need increasing levels of health care services do not have to move to another community to receive those services.
  • Future costs of residing in the community will not escalate as a resident’s health care needs increase over time.  In other words, residents who have a Life Care Contract never have to pay the higher monthly fees that are associated with higher levels of care such as personal care, memory care, and skilled nursing care.  In this way a Life Care Contract is the only way seniors can avoid the higher, unpredictable costs associated with health care accommodations that are needed over time.
  • A residency contract that includes a lifelong insurance component enables seniors to protect their assets from potentially devastating expenses.  There are not per diem limits associated with the long term care needs a Life Care Contract provides.

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