Memory Lane. If you have concerns about someone you know who is experiencing forgetfulness or confusion with simple living activities, come to Memory Lane at Moravian Hall Square.

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Morningstar Living is dedicated to providing education to caregivers, professionals and community members about dementia-related diseases.  Memory Lane is an initiative aimed at providing information and education to the public, specifically about dementia. Throughout the year, this series of educational programs will explore various challenges faced by caregivers and provide information and guidance on meeting those challenges successfully.  Issues explored will range from meeting the needs of the individual with dementia, to self-care for the caregiver and accessing community resources to support the process of caring.

Additional Information

The Memory Lane program and a sandwich meal are provided at no charge.
Reservations are required by registering here or calling 888-576-7788.

Right away, it seemed like family was caring for us.