Going Green. At Moravian Hall Square, Going Green is important to our residents and staff alike.

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goinggreenMoravian Hall Square established the Morningstar Living Sustainability Committee to find practical and efficient ways to reduce global warming, conserve natural resources, increase energy conservation and educate ourselves on reducing the impact on our fragile planet from plastic water bottles in landfills to plastic bags killing wildlife on land and sea.

Moravian Hall Square residents and staff have taken on the challenge by finding and using recycled paper products, setting up single stream recycling containers for residents and staff to collect more recyclables, and reducing our use of energy. Styrofoam has virtually been eliminated from the facility. We are making great progress in using electricity at off peak hours; installing motion detector lights in common areas, setting computers to “sleep” when not in use, changing temperature settings a few degrees and turning off lights when leaving rooms. The first three months of encouraging off peak (6pm-10am) energy use brought a 4.1% decrease. And we now have 50% of our electricity coming from Green sources.

Another important role of the Sustainability Committee is to provide education, heighten awareness of the magnitude of this worldwide problem and offer simple tips to residents and staff: using cloth bags instead of plastic for groceries, how to register to stop receiving junk mail, where to buy local produce, how to garden organically, etc.

Our garden space offers raised beds for ease of access, and is complete with composting tumblers and rainwater collection barrels to make the most of our natural resources.

Since 2014, the Sustainability Committee has had a robust composting program set up within the resident garden.  With composting tumblers in place, residents are able to turn their kitchen waste into compost that is then used throughout the community’s gardens.  The hope is that as the composting program grows it will eventually remove all compostable food products from the waste stream.



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